Just because a loved one is no longer with us in the physical world does not mean their memories and love are forgotten. As a medium, I connect both the physical and spiritual world where I receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over. The messages I receive are those of loving memories with words of encouragement delivered with compassion and a sense of humor. My goal is to have each client leave feeling the continued love from their loved ones who have passed on. My readings are offered in person for local residents, as well as conformability of your own home as a virtual session. This session is for a 60 minute 1:1 reading or immediate family members who share the same passed loved ones.

Gallery Mediumship readings

This is done in a group forum where spirit will direct me to individuals to relay loving messages from those who have passed. Although attending a gallery does not guarantee you will personally be read, it does guarantee you will be witness to spirit communication delivered with a sense of humor.